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> I just recently (yesterday! =) got my hands on 4 0080 kits at about
>20 SGD.. about 10 USD. good bargain. =) I got the GM Command, Zaku FZ (YES!
>=) Kampfer and Alex, so I have a few questions for this ML..
> 1. GM Command
> Given it's designation, RGM-79G, is it designed to lead squads of
>79Gs? In that case, won't it look a bit wierd next to the 08MST's 79G? =)
>Also, what's the GM Command's SMG calibur? 90mm? And is the Beam Sabers of
>the suit stored on the butt plate? what a weird place... The BSG showed in
>the manual states that it has less power but a higher rate of fire. true?

The RGM-79G GM Command predates the RGM-79[G] GM Ground Unit by almost a
decade in terms of actual design. In terms of UC history, the RGM-79[G]
precedes the RGM-79G by a couple of months. The RGM-79[G] is a
"mass-production precede" type -- by which I think they mean "limited
production run" -- while the RGM-79G is a true mass-production model.

The RGM-79G GM Command carries a 90mm machinegun with a 20-round magazine.

> 2. Zaku FZ
> What is the Zaku FZ's SMG Calibur? 90mm too? and is that a one-shot
>grenade launcher underneath? Also, in the specs given, the Zaku FZ
>apparently does not have apogee motors. is this a typo?

The MS-06FZ Zaku II carries a 90mm machinegun with a 32-round magazine.

The business with the apogee motors may be an oversight, but it extends to
the entire series. Certain specifications, like 180° Turn Time, come and
go -- a lot depends on when and by whom the specs were given. The 74.5-ton
MS-06FZ has 14 vernier thrusters developing a total thrust of 795,000kg for
a thrust-to-weight ratio of 1.07.

> 3. Kampfer
> No mobility at the waist??? oh man.... The colour sucks. I think
>I'll have to repaint this. What's the bazooka's size? 380mm?

The MS-18E Kämpfer carries two 360mm giant bazookas with 5 rounds each.

> 4. Alex
> In the manual, there is this FSWS prototype Gundam. What does FSWS
>stands for, and what does it carry? looks like a twin beam cannon on the
>right arm, plus another on the back.

"FSWS" stands for Full Strike Weapon System, which was the designation
given to the FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam designed by Kunio Okawara for his
MS-V series. The FSWS NT-1, however, appears to owe more to the PF-78
Perfect Gundam. It has twin beam rifles on the right forearm and a single
GunCannon-type beam cannon on the right shoulder.

> What's the rifle/SMG calibur of the Alex? looks bigger than a 90mm...

The RX-78 NT-1 Gundam G-4 "Alex" carries an optional beam rifle, which just
*looks* like an FN assault rifle.

> I was wondering about something.. most of the colony crashes was
>over land (Sydney (OYW), North America (0083)), I'm not too sure about CCA.
>What will be the effect of a colony crash into an ocean? Let's not talk
>about the obvious, such as costal towns getting swamped. What are the long
>term effects?

No more sushi. Ever. (^_^);

Seriously, in addition to the tsunamis on all contiguous coasts, there'll
be a lot of steam thrown up into the air, all the way up to the jet stream,
which will behave much the same as the dust from a land strike but also
react with the ozone layer in unpredictable ways. And a *lot* of fish will
die, along with the plankton and the krill and everything else that goes to
make up the marine ecology. A good pecentage of these dead fish will be
served up as pre-cooked seafood by the tsunamis. The rest will become
potential plagues afterward.


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