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>Feds had two parallel GM projects, the GM we all know and love, and the
>specialized terrestrial version, the GM-[G]. So there's no relation
>between the two.

        Duh. This is confusing...

> As for "GM Command" I've also seen it written as "GM Commando" which is

        That's the Romanji spelling.. I was wondering whether to call it
Commando or Command, but the manual puts it as Command. <shrugs> oh well. =)

        What's the reason for calling it a Commando, anyway? because it
carries 2 beam sabers? because of it's thrust to weight ratio? (IIRC, it's
better than a Zaku FZ's.. =)

> I like it alot... of course, you can do that with the MG GM shield
       Izit? Interesting... time to go out and look for it. =)
>> apparently does not have apogee motors. is this a typo?
> That doesn't make much sense, since the kit clearly has a bunch of
>verniers on the skirt, legs, and torso.
        Probably ran out of space to print that. =)
> If I remember right, the Alex manual shows a picture of the Full-Armor
>Gundam... I don't remember ever seeing the term FSWS but it probably means

        There are two pics there: one's a FA, the other's titled FSWS
Prototype. Anyone knows what that is?

>> What's the rifle/SMG calibur of the Alex? looks bigger than a 90mm..
> It's actually a beam rifle... even though it has a clip.
        Yep. Looked at it carefully, it IS a beam rife.. No wonder it wasn't
shown in the show, Chris might have done a *LOT* of damage with that thing.
I think the booklet says that the power of the rifle has been boosted..

        Also, I did some Thrust-to-Weight ratio checking.. The Kampfer
actually clocks in at 2.0?? Whereas Alex is about 1.8.. Interestingly, the
08MST's 79G GM has a lower Thrust-to-Weight than the FZ...

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