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> 1. GM Command
> Given it's designation, RGM-79G, is it designed to lead squads of
> 79Gs? In that case, won't it look a bit wierd next to the 08MST's 79G? =)

  Well, first, the 8MST GM is called the RGM-79[G] with the G in []s, to
show that though it's a ground model, it's of a fundamentally different
design than the -79G from 0080.
  Basically, the loony 8MST designers decided to retoconn the GM for their
show to make it more patlaborish, and then they decided to say that the
Feds had two parallel GM projects, the GM we all know and love, and the
specialized terrestrial version, the GM-[G]. So there's no relation
between the two.
  As for "GM Command" I've also seen it written as "GM Commando" which is
the way I like to think of it. As for 'command', the only thing that
suggests THAT about it is the shoulder communications antenna, and the
fact that it carries two beam sabers. Shrug.

> Also, what's the GM Command's SMG calibur? 90mm? And is the Beam Sabers of

  That's correct.

> the suit stored on the butt plate? what a weird place... The BSG showed in

  That's correct too, but hey, that's where the Type-100 stores its beam
sabers too!

> the manual states that it has less power but a higher rate of fire. true?

  The BSG? Well, it's supposed to be based on the GM-light armor's beam
pistol rather than the original BSG, so who knows.

> In the booklet, they showed a pic of the orginal GM, which looks
> like they put the butt plate on the hips.. it looks as if they have no

  They do that in the booklet for the GM-GS too!

> mobility there at all! Also, I like the shield designs, with the grip
> instead of the forearm attachement. Somehow that looks more realistic to me.

  I like it alot... of course, you can do that with the MG GM shield

> 2. Zaku FZ
> What is the Zaku FZ's SMG Calibur? 90mm too? and is that a one-shot

  Yep! But I suspect the rounds might be 'long' versions of the GM-G's
rounds, after all, look at how much bigger the Zakus rifle is!

> grenade launcher underneath? Also, in the specs given, the Zaku FZ


> apparently does not have apogee motors. is this a typo?

  That doesn't make much sense, since the kit clearly has a bunch of
verniers on the skirt, legs, and torso.

> 3. Kampfer>
> No mobility at the waist??? oh man.... The colour sucks. I think
> I'll have to repaint this. What's the bazooka's size? 380mm?

  360mm if I remember correctly. And yes, the model needs alot of work to
look good.

> 4. Alex
> In the manual, there is this FSWS prototype Gundam. What does FSWS
> stands for, and what does it carry? looks like a twin beam cannon on the
> right arm, plus another on the back.

  If I remember right, the Alex manual shows a picture of the Full-Armor
Gundam... I don't remember ever seeing the term FSWS but it probably means
something like Full Space Weapons System or something like that, (Just a

> What's the rifle/SMG calibur of the Alex? looks bigger than a 90mm..

   It's actually a beam rifle... even though it has a clip.

> As for the kit itself, you need to remove things left right and
> centre to create the NT1FA. I don't think it's worth the effort.., and it

  Nyeah... it's not that bad really...

> looks like I'll have to repaint Alex too, the colour looks a bit to Smurfy..

  It is kinda bright... if I had another I'd repaint it to make it a Nemo!

> What will be the effect of a colony crash into an ocean? Let's not talk
> about the obvious, such as costal towns getting swamped. What are the long
> term effects?

  Depends, but if there's a huge amount of water blasted into the
atmosphere we're talking ALOT of serious storms for a long time. Also, the
extinction of most sea life, which would have a serious if not fatal
impact on all life on Earth.


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