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On Sat, 1 May 1999, Lim Jyue wrote:
> Given it's designation, RGM-79G, is it designed to lead squads of
> 79Gs? In that case, won't it look a bit wierd next to the 08MST's 79G? =)

For sure, the GM-command model is about half a head shorter than 08MST GM.

> Also, what's the GM Command's SMG calibur? 90mm? And is the Beam Sabers of
> the suit stored on the butt plate? what a weird place... The BSG showed in

Practical but not elegant.

> mobility there at all! Also, I like the shield designs, with the grip
> instead of the forearm attachement. Somehow that looks more realistic to me.

Well, depends on how you look at it. As a model, it has the best shield
in terms of looks and poseability. But if you think about it, carrying
the shield by hand is pretty stupid. Imagine taking a brow from a Zak's
hear hawk, your wrist is gonna hurt like hell (ok so a MS doesn't feel,
but the hand can just fall off). All the real life fighters carry their
shields on the forearm, but somehow doesn't translate very well to MS

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