Bernard Ng (
Sat, 01 May 1999 03:36:26 PDT

>Attn: Lim Jyue
>Where did you get those 0080 models? What/which place in Singapore?

Hey Lim Jyue old fren, old pal!!! Where did you get them kits!!! Tell ME!!!

And was it 20SGD for all of them (unbelievable)or for each.....

Also I want my blue Destiny Manga.
PS.: Anyone on the list know where can I get a Rick Dom II from the 0080
series in Singapore?

PPS: Any idea when the RX-79 (soul of chogokin) toy is being released?
Also how much will it cost? Is there also a toy of a Zaku that will
accompany the Gundam??

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