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>Well if you look at Southern Cross or Macross, they aren't much bigger 14m.
>Mospeada mecha were even smaller. I can't actually think of a Mecha series
>with out going to the Super Robot style.
>Michael Garner

Macross (and its derivatives) and Gundam had completely different design

In Macross, the driving concept was "Veritech" -- one form of the mecha was
a fully-functional conventional combat machine, such as a fighter plane
(the F-14 Tomcat, in the case of the Valkyrie). That set the scale for all
of the various mecha in the series.

Southern Cross and Orguss, also part of Tatsunoko's "Super Dimensional"
set, followed suit and Genesis Climber Mospeada copied their style with the
Legioss and Ride Armor mecha, which transformed into functional fighter and
motorbikes, rtespectively.

In Gundam, the Mobile Suit was conceived as a 10:1 scale analog of the
human form. The 120mm Zaku machine gun was thus a scaled up 12mm (slightly
less than .50 caliber) machine gun. The later 90mm and 100mm are not too
different from the 9mm and 10mm (.36 and .40 caliber) small arms currently
in vogue. The Gundam's 60mm Vulcan is thus on par with the .223 caliber
(5.56mm) M-16 that was standard issue since the Vietnam Era....


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