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Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:50:42 PDT

>-->With the renewal in model talk, I was curious as to the quality of the
>High Grade ZZ Gundam? At a local hobby shop, the price has been cut by 10
>dollars, so I was considering picking it up. What are the pros and cons to
>this massive Gundam.
> Yeah well, there we go...It is VERY WORTH IT. The baby is a transforming
>delight which is almost a scaled down version of the HCM toy...I have both
>the hg 1/144 and the 1/100, and I can tell you the at the 1/144 rocks like
>anything. the only problem is the skirt, which by nature of construction
>hinders forward leg movement, but other than that, this baby is so good.
>It is pretty decent even when not painted...I would have to warn you about
>the fact that some plastic pieces tend to be brittle.

Another suggestion to make it look even better is to lengthen the
upper legs and arms. The HG Zeta defintely needs its upper legs
lengthened 3mm at the least, and the ZZ, while not as stumpy as Z,
could use this too. Some nice Wave V-Detail photoetched pieces would
look great on it too, which I plan to do, such as aero fins on the
upper chest, like the ones you see on Zeta.

One part that looks bad on HG ZZ is the forearms. For transformations
sake the inside forearm is open, which needs to be covered. I don't
plan on transforming my kit att all so a piece of detailed styrene
shoould be placed over this area.

Though optional, a bay of micromissles would also look good on the
front of ZZ's shoulder armor; a detail drawing of these is in the
Gundam Encyclopedia.

And you need to paint the inside lower leg housing of ZZ black and
fill it with some Wave springs or hoses to make it look more anime.

Mark Kai

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