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Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:30:48 PDT

>hmmm... the only one I have from the CCA series is the Nu 1/100...that kit
>ROCKS. It has metal inner parts for the lower leg so as to balance the
>guy, and the proportions are simply so heroic looking. it's almost MG
>quality. Once again, though, the problem is the hip...everyone has his/her
>own way of fixing that problem, which is caused by lugging around the very
>asymmetrical fannel system.

I recieved the Gundam Models perfect catalog 1.0 last week, and it
shows a comparison of the 1/100 Nu kit next to the MG Zeta, MG MK-II
and ZZ, V and others. The Nu kit's look is kinda weak, compared to
the others. The 1986 1/100 ZZ kit was standing next to the 1/100 Nu,
and I thought the ZZ kit was much better, proportion-wise. The Nu's
head is too big, shoulders too small and hands to big; many problems
associated to older Gundam kits. The MG kits have really done a
pretty good job of making MS heads smaller and more faithful to the
anime, and this is one of the points where the current MG kits are
better than the 1/100 Nu.


This is what happens when you been on this list too long, kids.

Mark Kai

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