Mark Kuettner (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:13:11 PDT

> > Yes, but the swivel applies to the lower arm part and not the upper
> > So basically the arm can't "shoot from the hip" if you know what I
> > Leave it to good ol' Probe to explain it much better and simpler then I
> Heh heh heh! I've been doing this for a LONG time!
> Seriously now, the CCA kits are _bizzare_ in this regard, it would have
>been EASY for them to have designed the arms to work properly, one wonders
>if the model-makers were asleep at the wheel on the CCA kits.
> -Probe

It's Bandai saving money. Grunt mecha, such as the Jegan, won't get
the same level of articulation the Nu gets, if there is a big savings
to be had. Hobby Japan 3, 1991 shows a great F91 converversion job
on the Jegan that makes even the torso indepent from the hips for
great articulation.

Mark Kai

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