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Well, here are a faw mistakes corrections (that GM Sniper thing, the
purpose of shooting the Apsaras *and* I inverted Kojima's and Eesan's
Another cheesy detail I didn't mention is that Shiro gets a bandage on
his arm in ten seconds (once he's in the EZ8 with Aina, he wears a
bandage on his broken arm).

> Yeah, well... the BigZam had a bellybutton buster beam too, but I don't
> think it was anywhere NEAR this powerful!

No but as I previously said, it's hard to get a good idea of distances
in space compared to Earth, The basic measure unit being the MS (18
meters or so).

> > it's a stabilizer of some sorts. It would sound logical to use *three*
> > legs to keep such a mass balanced but I don't think it has a great
> > movability in this mode (I'll have to check).
> Makes sense to me...
> > As for the two "regular" legs, they have some pods where the knees
> > should be (for flexibility's sake I guess) but those pods are more or
> > less this MA's weak point since the GM Sniper actually destroys one of
> > them (and there's some greenish explosion, I couldn't figure that one).
> Greenish explosion?

It's more like green fumes in fact, it's followed by a "regular"
explosion (but you can't say what's regular sonce those wacky 0083 pink

> Is it possible that these pods aren't the joints but some kind of
> hydraulic cylinders for pressurizing the joints in the legs, etc?

Maybe, there's a picture of the damn thing on the insert, I'll scan this
> > > middle there though... maybe it has a "Core Zaku"? (laughs). Maybe it was
> > Hehehe, I don't think so, but I'd love to see a Zaku getting out of that
> It would be pretty hilarious, and frankly I was almost expecting it at
> one point.

So did I, I can't see the point of using a Zaku head except for design's
sake, I mean the Zaku II isn't equipped with state of the art sensors
that would give this MA an incredible edge.
> > Well, the Apsaras uses another, far thinner blue beam to shoot the GM
> > Sniper and I also think the beam used to fry the EZ8's arm isn't the big
> > one. Those two beams aren't as demanding as the big one since I don't
> Interesting! Any idea where this auxiliary weapon is located, or is it
> also fired out of the same bellybutton gun?

Well, I checked again and in fact, the beam used to melt the EZ8's left
arm doesn't_come_from_the _Apsaras! It comes from the second GM Sniper's
long range beam rifle! Here's the explanation (that was my understanding
the first time I watched the episode but I thought I was mistaken):
as Shiro is about to deal a lethal beam saber blow to the damaged
Apsaras, a GM Sniper keeps him from doing so because the Feds actually
want to get it! That's why they used only GM Snipers and no one else,
that's why they shot its legs. Everything's beginning to make sense (but
again, I wish someone else here had seen it to back me).

> > Yeah, but apparently, there's some Absolute Terror Field that keeps them
> > from approaching: I mean this MA has a great firing range so they
> > probably didn't want to get their collective butts fried before they got
> Grrr! Then just don't group up! Spread out, he can't hit all of you!
> Hell, sneak up _BEHIND_ the damn monster and shoot him up the butt!

That's what the Sniper does. It pierces the rear of the monster's head
with its long range beam rifle and begins cutting through the thing and
then fires again but at the knee pod.
> > No, he shares Aina's "this is my war" attitude and I'm not sure he
> > trusts them that much: if they were all put in a win or lose situation
> > and had to kill Aina, I think the 08th MS team members would do it while
> > Shiro wouldn't and would try to use the power of luv
> Grr... that's because he's a hopless ninny!
> And where where all those happy Guerrila fighters during this battle
> anyway?

Dunno, didn't see any of them but I think they were dealt with in
previous episodes. I definitely have to get back 9 and 10.

> > > the Kelgeren with? If so, why not just shoot down the Asparas?
> > No, they used the GM Sniper again. But the interesting part is how the
> > Kelgeren is destroyed: the beam fired by the sniper is continuous (I'm
> > not sure this is the correct word but I'd say it's a coherent ray): it
> > lasts something like 10 seconds and the Sniper uses it in a surgical way
> > to cut the Kelgeren. I think this is the first time I've seen beam used
> Cool! Just like a laser cutting beam or something, sweet!

Exactly, that's a great idea but I can't remember seeing it before in
any gundam show I've seen (but I haven't seen ZZ nor V).
> > that way, it's as if the shooter kept his finger on the rifle's trigger.
> Yeah, it's way cool that the GM can pull this off, makes you wonder why
> they can't seem to do it when they're shooting at Zakus though.

I guess they can't because they don't have that badass long range beam
> Hrrm... I'm sure there was some kind of BS explanation.
> "Sir, it's standing right over a Duncan-Donuts restaurant! If we destroy
> it, all those innocent donuts may be lost!"
> "NooooO! Hold your fire men!"

At least, that would be consistent with the first episodes.
> > > GMs? What do the rifles look like?
> > They definitely don't look like 0080 GM snipers. They're green GMs, with
> Hmm... Then I think I've seen some modified 8MST GMs made to look like
> these guys!
> > apparently no special feature (they look lighter than regular GM). I
> Like "GM Light Armors"? Hm! Do they have the special forehead-sight?

No they don't, but as I say further, they aren't officially called
Snipers, but Eesan calls them Snipers.
And in fact that "lighter" thing isn't that obvious on the lineart, I
compared them with the regular Ground use GMs from MS encyclopedia and
I'd say they're the same.

> > think they call their rifles long beam rifles (but there's no comparison
> > with Super Gundam's long beam rifle); basically, those rifles are longer
> > than the others and they look bigger too. Looks like they use E pacs
> > too.
> Excellent! Badass beam rifles, probably even better than the original
> Gundam's rifle, eh?

I think so, that thing is called in fact a long range beam rifle and the
GM is called Sniper in the anime but the liner notes call it a Ground
use GM (but it's not written like for the other GM ground type) and I
have pictures of it and its rifle.
> > > Jions are such jerks!
> > Yeah, but Ginias is sooooooo crazy (BTW, he distorts his face in
> > incredible ways in this episode).
> Heh heh heh... musta ran out of his medication.

Yeah, mind you, the episode opens on his nose bleeding (I even think he
more or less faints).
> > > Hyper-Hammers? After all, the Gundam itself only used it once, right?
> > I think so. But I'm pretty sure it was a hyper hammer. I've never seen
> > any other weapon made with a chain and a spiked ball! So correct me if
> > I'm wrong but *this* is a hyper-hammer!
> Definately sounds like it! But why the hell would a GM be carrying one
> of THOSE around? Oh yeah, real useful buddy.

Dunno, I guess the poor guy lost some bet and had to walk around
carrying that thing, this is the *only* rational explanation I can think
> > > ASPARAS!!! Why aren't they shooting the Asparas _first_!?
> > Because the Kelgeren is an easy target and again, I guess the Apsaras is
> > too far.
> The Kelgeren is closer than the Asparas? Interesting.

At least, the snipers are closer to Kelgeren. As for their number, two
Snipers are mentionned but I think it would be logical if we had a three
pack again.
> > Yeah, that's the strange part, no MS except that (or those?) GM Sniper
> > got close enough to attack it.
> How conveeeenient.
> > Yeah, and I liked the way it was rendered but the fireball thing is too
> > gross.
> Yeah, what caused the fireball anyway? I'd expect a bunch of rocky
> debris, nothing more.

No, in fact, the explosion lasts for a few seconds and gives that
fireball effect.
> Ahh, I see... so the box-cover pic from the GFC never actually happens
> in the anime, oh well.

Those 2 Gouf FT fighting in mid air?
> > So either Aina has a death wish, either she knew Shiro would rescue her
> > by catching her in the EZ8's hand (more likely).
> I sure hope she realizes that falling 150feet straight down into a METAL
> hand can't be too comfy!

Yeah but after she's shot, she sustains at least a 15 feet fall into
this same hand.
> > made this part to put it in trailers and ads. I think someone here said
> > he had seen that picture of Shiro with Aina's lifeless body in his arms.
> Sounds like another cheapo marketting ploy.

> > > Come on GMs... you aimed for its LEGS?
> > That's a clever choice: the legs look really frail compared to the main
> > And mind you, there's a shot in the head of the thing juste before.
> So maybe they already took out its sensor systems, etc, and decided that
> there was no weak point to exploit?
> > > Why did he leave Kojima? How small is this base if it doesn't even seem
> > Sounds strange too but I think it stems from my misunderstanding rather
> > than plot inconsistencies (at least, I hope).
> Hrrrmmm... I hope so too.
> > > Oh Gosh... that's the stupidest thing I've EVER seen in Gundam! Gaaah!
> > Actually, this is a trick used in countless movies and anime but this is
> > just ridiculous.
> I know, painfully so....
> > > 3. Blast #3, Vaporizes a friggin MOUNTAIN
> > > 4. Blast #4, Damages an already damaged arm on the EZ8 and cuts
> > Blast 4 doesn't use the same caliber I think and blast 5 looks
> > different: the energy isn't gathered the same way but it takes a longer
> > time to gather.
> Hrm... I see... kinda like a variable power beam cannon, eh?

Actually, blast 4 was a mistake and came from that sniper (see above).
But just after this, the Sniper is shot by a blue beam that must have
come from the Apsaras and this one is thinner so I think that variable
power theory is still consistent with what we have. The only matter is
that you see the GM shot down but you don't see the beam fired, so I
can't say for sure where it came from.
> > Maybe but since it lost its leg, the Apsaras has been moving, so I guess
> > it came into firing range.
> The bloody thing CAN still fly around, right?

Yes but it uses its Minovsky craft (or whatever's that thing's name)
only 20 seconds before Shiro destroys it once and for all, so that's
> > > Should have sabered the cockpit instead of punching! I would have tossed
> > Here, it's definitely my mistake: I watched it again and couldn't figure
> > why he would have punched the MA while 1 minute ago he was igniting his
> > beam saber. In fact, you don't see the EZ8's hand, it's already in the
> > Apsaras's cockpit, so he must have used his beam saber, not his punch.
> Ah, so he sliced in and definately slayed Ginias, eh? Good!

Yes, definitely great news, this one *can't* come back, or can he?
What's the use of Flanagan agency in Last Report? Did they manage to
keep him alive? (Naaa, just joking, there's no way he could have
survived this)
> > > Hey, that's not fair! Why didn't he just LEAVE with everyone else? Seems
> > > pretty pointless for him to die that way.
> > I think that's the "I sink with my ship" part. This might be explained
> Well, at least he's an honorable man!

Yes, if my understanding is correct, he is.
> GRIN! You half expect him to turn and say:
> "Hey Gang! If you want to learn more about my friend Captain Shiro, be
> sure to buy 'Last Report', available soon! And pick up some Gundam Models
> while you're at it to make your own mobile suit team! Stand up to the
> victory! Also, Eledore's flaming-love music CD, on sale now, from Bandai!"

Hehe, I can picture it: Eledore's single saving Bandai from its
financial problems.
> > That's the first thing I thought. I reckon they made this to give a
> > human and realistic aspect to that war.
> Hrrrmph... it will be the first time during the entire 8MST series..

Yeah but the series was supposed to be about this, wasn't it?

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