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>Well, the miniaturization of MS did not really take off until after Char's
>Counterattack, where the main mobile suit (Nu Gundam) stood nearly 25m!

        Agreed, the Nu 1/100 makes the MG kits look SMALL. Even the Gelgoog looks
small compared to it...the gp02a looks PUNY compared to it. Same with the
Super Gundam and the Zeta. The durn thing is simply BIG. and that's
without the Fannels on mind you, with the Fannels it becomes the
conversation piece for the whole room.
        The chest proportions of the Nu make it stand out. the Mg's have Pigeon
like chests compared to the BIG chest this guy's can really
believe that a reactor is in there...also the legs, which feel like they
have reactors in them, thanks to the metal blocks inside it. Also, the
arms are proportionsally longer, with the fingers reaching almost to the
knee, while in the MG, the fingers are only until mid thigh. The head,
too, is bigger, I think on a 1:7 to 7.5 height/scale division, while the
MG's have a 1:8 to 1:9 (visual check here only, sorry). The face, too, is
more prominent than in the MG's, which tend to have small faces. This guy
is a believable 25m-tall MS.
        And, I might add, it kicks serious butt with its armaments, including the
holdout saber in its left arm.

>However, the only thing I can really account for the larger size increase of
>all the mobile suit design is that they are somewhat influenced by Macross
>and other Giant robot genre series where some of these machines are huge.
>Now, it's all shrinking with sleek angled lines and feminine/angrogenous
>(sp?) proportions... In fact, I'd consider the G-Unit Gundams to be closer
>to the canonical Gundams vs. G-Gundam or W or EW Gundams...

        Hmmmm..another guy who kinda likes the G-unit stuff...I agreed, they look
ike plausible evolutionary tracks for the old stuff..GW/EW was really OUT
there, and they looked more like Godaikin/Chogokin/Shogun stuff.

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