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>> Though I realize that as technology grew, the Gundams could be
>> built more compact. However, there's this era known as ZZ Gundam where
>> some of the MS went insane with gigantism and one can barely make out the
>> MS from the hundreds of components bursting from it's frame.
>> Now I've got nothing against these walking behemoths of Luna titanium, it
>> just seem out of place. Is there any explanation? Where they using
>> technology before they could make it more compact?
>Well, the miniaturization of MS did not really take off until after Char's
>Counterattack, where the main mobile suit (Nu Gundam) stood nearly 25m!

I kew about Char's Counter Attack, whoever the Nu Gundam goes back to a more
sleek look. And it's no longer bristling with objects, the body as a whole
doesn't look so cluttered (trying to find the right word), Fin Funnels

The Mecha Design was by Mika Akitaka in ZZ, correct? What else has he done?

>However, the only thing I can really account for the larger size increase
>all the mobile suit design is that they are somewhat influenced by Macross
>and other Giant robot genre series where some of these machines are huge.
>Now, it's all shrinking with sleek angled lines and feminine/angrogenous
>(sp?) proportions... In fact, I'd consider the G-Unit Gundams to be closer
>to the canonical Gundams vs. G-Gundam or W or EW Gundams...
>Y. "I want tradition dammit!" Choe

Well if you look at Southern Cross or Macross, they aren't much bigger 14m.
Mospeada mecha were even smaller. I can't actually think of a Mecha series
with out going to the Super Robot style.
Michael Garner

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