Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 23:11:19 -0700

> Though I realize that as technology grew, the Gundams could be
> built more compact. However, there's this era known as ZZ Gundam where
> some of the MS went insane with gigantism and one can barely make out the
> MS from the hundreds of components bursting from it's frame.
> Now I've got nothing against these walking behemoths of Luna titanium, it
> just seem out of place. Is there any explanation? Where they using
> technology before they could make it more compact?

Well, the miniaturization of MS did not really take off until after Char's
Counterattack, where the main mobile suit (Nu Gundam) stood nearly 25m!

However, the only thing I can really account for the larger size increase of
all the mobile suit design is that they are somewhat influenced by Macross
and other Giant robot genre series where some of these machines are huge.
Now, it's all shrinking with sleek angled lines and feminine/angrogenous
(sp?) proportions... In fact, I'd consider the G-Unit Gundams to be closer
to the canonical Gundams vs. G-Gundam or W or EW Gundams...

Y. "I want tradition dammit!" Choe

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