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On Thu, 29 Apr 1999 BlazeEagle@aol.com wrote:

> > That's weird. You mean the EW continuum is an alternate of an
> alternate?
> > does that make it UC? LOL!
> I know! The Gundam creators don't have the slightest idea of consistency, do
> they?!?
> I mean a sequal is only a sequal when it continues the orginial story, not a
> remake of the story. What a strange world we live in :)

Huh? Where did you guys get the idea that EW is in different universe
from GW? They are very much in same universe. I thought the topic was
beaten to death, but remember, EW mecha designs are "ret-cons".

Now the original question about ZERO system...

First of all, Tallgeese III is built by Treize, originally intended to be
given to Zechs, hense the heat rod. But it was built after Epyon was
built. And if you could remember, Treize realized ZERO system will not
accomplish the goal he intended, so he ditched it from Tallgeese II or


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