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-->With the renewal in model talk, I was curious as to the quality of the
High Grade ZZ Gundam? At a local hobby shop, the price has been cut by 10
dollars, so I was considering picking it up. What are the pros and cons to
this massive Gundam.
        Yeah well, there we go...It is VERY WORTH IT. The baby is a transforming
delight which is almost a scaled down version of the HCM toy...I have both
the hg 1/144 and the 1/100, and I can tell you the at the 1/144 rocks like
anything. the only problem is the skirt, which by nature of construction
hinders forward leg movement, but other than that, this baby is so good.
It is pretty decent even when not painted...I would have to warn you about
the fact that some plastic pieces tend to be brittle.

-->Before continuing on, I must confess, I've never seen Double Zeta, nor
the second half of Zeta. Why the heck does the Gundams become these
monstrously large straight lined MS? The legs in particular don't seem to
fit. Far too angular. Was it just an 80's thing? Then come the nineties,
they shrink to become theses simplified sleek shadows of their former bulky
selves? Though I realize that as technology grew, the Gundams could be
built more compact. However, there's this era known as ZZ Gundam where
some of the MS went insane with gigantism and one can barely make out the
MS from the hundreds of components bursting from it's frame.
Now I've got nothing against these walking behemoths of Luna titanium, it
just seem out of place. Is there any explaination? Where they using
technology before they could make it more compact?

        I guess it was the more is more philosophy...

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