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Subject: Turn-A Gundam is a GOOD show?!
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Subject: [Impression] 1999 April new shows
>From: TAKEUCHI Shouichi <>
Date: Tue, Apr 27, 1999 8:18 PM
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#1 ... ehh ... Is it GUNDAM ? Didn't I misconfigured my VCR ? NO!

Well, #1 described the earth of which civilization has degraded
to "between the the Industrial Revolution and the Mass Production".
People are worrying about the war against the Galia continent,
but the rumor is intentionally spread by the government to
reinforce the military strength for preparing the coming of
the MoonRace. Rolan and his friends were sent to the Earth,
and blended with the Earthian society. Rolan is hired by Mr.Haim,
the influential person of the village, and his 2nd daughter
Socie looks interested in Rolan :-)

In #2, during the initiation rite of Rolan's village, the MoonRace
starts attacking to return to the Earth, and the "military strength"
of pre-mass production Earth is meaningless against them. Suddenly,
WhiteDoll, the statue of diety of the village, reveals its true
appearance: the white mobile suit. When Rolan and Socie get on
the cockpit of the white MS, it suddenly starts and fight against
MoonRace's MSs.

Writing and directing are pretty well done. Few explanations are
given, but you can see the situation of the pre mass-production
Earth and about characters.

Mechs ? Well, moustache Gundam doesn't look that silly. MoonRace's
MSs such as Flad and WaDome look ... ah ... real.

As an old-type anime fan who was hooked on the first GUNDAM and
enjoyed BrainPowerd as a "revival as a director " of TOMINO,
I'll follow up this series, too.

Subject: Re: Turn A Gundam comments?
Date: Wed, Apr 28, 1999 7:05 AM
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I just watched the first episode a couple of nights ago and was stunned at
how much I liked it. The entire feel of the series is that of a miyazaki
film. The animation is beautiful and the character designs work REAL well.
The music is also wonderful being Yokko Kano this is no surprise however.
Mind you the gundam hasn't shown up but it looks pretty good in action in the
preview for next episode. I HIGHLY recomend this show. God the scene where he
finds the gundam and kano's celtic score is playing...damn. Ben

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