Paul Fields (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 13:56:22 -0400

Actually I hope one of you saw last year's ORA ZAKU championship in the
March 98 Hobby Japan, anyhow one of the winners built a MS-06-R3 using
high mobility style legs, and Gelgoog thrusters in the back of the Legs. He
also used a really nifty backpack, but they were MG Gelgoog thrusters in
the legs...


> > then I decided that I wanted to improve the thrusters under the skirt
> > adding some kind of engine like in the MG Gelgoog's skirt.
> How do you do that? Hmm... perhaps use gelcap Contact-C or Tyenol or
> something? >>
> Actually I was planning on using some left over missles from the 1/72
> macross Valkyrie, and/or some pieces of Sprue trees. I am still working
> that though since This is probably my most favorite model, even above both
> Perfect Grades. But that might change with the MG Dom. (Dom's are my
> favorite by the way)
> Jason

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