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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> Hi, sorry for bringing back some old questions. But seeing that the GML
> has been pretty kinda slow lately...
> I have an oppotunity to get some models at good prices. I have some
> specific questions about 0080 and other models
> For Gelgoog JG, apart from the bad colour, how do you like this kit? I
> have no problem painting the whole kit over.

I had problems with my Gelgoog JG, as one of the hip joints fit very badly and
the leg kept popping off.. The color is ugly, but is also the color of the
Gelgoog in the anime (seen very briefly in Ep. 2)

> Is Kempfer really that bad?
> Can someone give a review of the CCA model series? Do you like the Jegan?
> (why the hell are those Z and CCA mechas so huge anyway?)
> Can anyway recommend some Z or ZZ models? It looks like the models
> are mostly of the old 0079 models' quality. (not the Gundams thanks, I am
> ready for some variation on mecha designs.) Say the AMX-008 GAZOUM, what
> kind of kit is it?
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