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>> Is it okay if I give a lowdown of the Dreissen?
>> Richard Ramos
>Yes! More than ok! Thanks.
>CHIN, Chien Ting

        HOkay. The dreissen is basically a bigger and msupposedly meanewr version
of the Dom, and is moe germanic in certain places (like the spike on top of
the head). I'll leave the aesthetics of it to other people.
        Construction wise, this thing can be a real pain.
        The Body is basically in two halves, front and back. as someone else in
the list has said (oops, sorry, deleted the mail already...), the waist
proportions are not the same as on the sketch that is in the instruction
manual., also the chest vents area and the lowerchest are very different
from kit to sketch. The kit is very well done for an old kit, but
attention must be paid to the arm housing. The arm's armor is actually on
four micro struts, so that the arm "opens up" when the triple-barrel cannon
supposedly fires...the cannon system is on a sliding action, so that it can
go forward and retract from the forearm housings. There is very little
clearance between the microstruts which rais the housing and the cannon
system, so it does get a bit sticky when assembling it painted. also, the
clearance for the moving parts of the assembly did not have paint in mind
at please be careful...the microstruts are particularly brittle.
I've had to repair two out of eight. The next big hassle are the lower
legs because there is UTTERLY no detail inside the flared cowlings...the
box art shows hints of booster arrays which simply AREN"T THERE in the kit.
 I am still scratchbuilding the booster arrays out of lego parts and a few
other things. The same thing goes for the scrounging enough
boosters to make the back of the skirt look something like the Rick DOm
II's, which has five boosters in the skirt. Another problem is the set of
fins for the two bits located at the back of the Dreissen. These three fins
are SO EASY to lose. super glue them if you can. It also has a problem
with the wrist. The wrists can't rotate fully because of the way the
housing is done for the guns. but he hands are amog the better looking
ones, and is grip-articulated.
        In spite of all these problems, however, the durn thing is impressive to
look at when finished, and it has a presence about it like the MG gp02.
It's pretty big for a 1/144, being as tall as the Ex-S gundam. It manages
to keep the cool look of the Dom intact even if it has been turned into a
more medieval look, accentuated by the beam Poleaxe/naginata/axe system.
It actually has an attitude in the way it looks, almost arrogant but
definitely cool. To give you an idea of how big it is, it is a full head
taller than the 0080 RickDom II, and the RD2's bazooka looks like a shotgun
in its hands. the RD2 is about half a head taller then the rx78.
        That's one big MS.

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