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>Yep, I've done that already and like it alot. Is the Zaku FZ worth doing
>after 08mst Zaku? I guess the main attraction is the German head.

        Ah, yes, the german helmet head option....actually I liked it so much I
forsook the other looks way better, but you do end up with
something that looks somewhat like a marasai and a gearadoga.

>Hmm that's pretty annoying. Did you do some modificiation to strengthen
>it up a bit?

        White glue.

>Gotcha... Say isn't that in the anime, the handle bar (right name?) on the
>shot guns can be detached, so it looks like a sawed-off shotgun? Can you
>do that with the gun in the kit?

        ah, you mean the stock? well it comes with two shotguns, one which has
the stock fully extended, and the other one where it is folded, so you get
both looks.

>Yes it's great. Just finished it (kind of), I lend a heat rod from the
>0079 Dom to it. So it has a little something for the down and dirty hand
>to hand combats :)

        I did the same thing, and I added the 08ms's gouf rocket hands to it
too...not bad...the fit is actually perfect, considering the kits are kinda
not the same time...

        Is it okay if I give a lowdown of the Dreissen?

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