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>Is the skirt on Zaku FZ movable? the other 0080 models that I have have
>good poseablity because of either very wide open skirt or multi-part
>movable skirt. From the picture it looks like a fixed skirt like
>the 08MST Gouf. Does that limit the legs? are the ankle flexible? are
>the wrists as good as GM-Command? Are the shoulder good and flexible?

        Hokay, I love the 0080 line of kits, so here goes, the ZFZ has a fixed
skirt, but the skirt is made in such a way that the legs have a lot of
mobility. add to that the fact that it acttually has a waist joint, and
you can get a wide array of poses as compared to other zakus. The ankles
are of a reasonable articulation..its a 45-degree polycap joint (from
vertical, which is kinda like how the gouf ankles are fitted, excerpt the
gouf's are 90 degrees from vertical...). the wrists are ball-jointed, but
i have to admit to a kind of awkward sculpting of the fingers. The
shoulders are standard poly/stick joints from the desert zake style...poly
in the body, the stick to the shulder, where there is a smaller poly in the
shoulder to give the stick a certain stiffness when the arm is being
raised. the shulders can be hunched forward and backward. very nice for a
charge attack pose with teh spiked shoulder.

>For Gelgoog JG, apart from the bad colour, how do you like this kit? I
>have no problem painting the whole kit over.

        The biggest problem of the kit is the hip poly ball joints...too big, they
always tend to slip out. The gun is cool, and the hand can accept (with a
bit of work) the old beam naginatas from earlier kits. The shoulders have
been simplified from the original, becoming just poly/stick connections ala
GW, but the shoulders are fitted to the stick, so on the good side the
shoulders won't sag, but not much mobility either. The skirt is nicel;y
sculpted, as are the legs...i don't like way the feet turned out, though...

>Is Kempfer really that bad?

        The only good thing about the kempfer is that it has a few truckloads of
gear to go with it...other than that, it's the wrong color and the wrong
proportions, specially around the hip/waist area (too wide). the thighs
are also misproportioned in relation to the lower legs. The articualtion
is fine -- heck, it is technically a good model when it comes to
posability, it's just that it looks a bit far from what is seen in the anime.

>Can someone give a review of the CCA model series? Do you like the Jegan?
>(why the hell are those Z and CCA mechas so huge anyway?)

hmmm... the only one I have from the CCA series is the Nu 1/100...that kit
ROCKS. It has metal inner parts for the lower leg so as to balance the
guy, and the proportions are simply so heroic looking. it's almost MG
quality. Once again, though, the problem is the hip...everyone has his/her
own way of fixing that problem, which is caused by lugging around the very
asymmetrical fannel system.

>Can anyway recommend some Z or ZZ models? It looks like the models
>are mostly of the old 0079 models' quality. (not the Gundams thanks, I am
>ready for some variation on mecha designs.) Say the AMX-008 GAZOUM, what
>kind of kit is it?

        Hmmm...the ones I liked were the Bawoo, the Gaza R/L, the Dreissen, the
Dowadge and the Desert Zaku II, the hizack was okay also. The Zaku III I
have not yet built so I can't tell you how it is, the Dovenwulf is a bad kit.
        Basically, the Dowadge is the desert Dom, and the Dreissen is the Space
BIG dom...almost a full head higher, has two "bits" and aboth arms have a
pop-up gun system like the Nt1. he also comes with a beam poleaxe which
also spearates into a short naginata and an axe....coolness.

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