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>Hi, sorry for bringing back some old questions. But seeing that the GML
>has been pretty kinda slow lately...
>I have an oppotunity to get some models at good prices. I have some
>specific questions about 0080 and other models
>Is the skirt on Zaku FZ movable?


>the other 0080 models that I have have
>good poseablity because of either very wide open skirt or multi-part
>movable skirt. From the hlj.com picture it looks like a fixed skirt like
>the 08MST Gouf. Does that limit the legs?


>Is Kempfer really that bad?

It's great if you're just going to put it on display with all the weapons
without trying to put it in a dramatic/cool pose.

>Can someone give a review of the CCA model series?

So-so kits, Bandai's first attempt at snap-on kits, and they threw in some
screws as backup. Need to paint quite a bit, and the best kit to get is
definitely the 1/100 scale Nu Gundam.

>Do you like the Jegan?

For its days it's not bad.

>(why the hell are those Z and CCA mechas so huge anyway?)

Compared to what, V, G, and Wing? You do know that mobile suits were
about 18 meters tall until F-91, right?

>Can anyway recommend some Z or ZZ models? It looks like the models
>are mostly of the old 0079 models' quality. (not the Gundams thanks, I am
>ready for some variation on mecha designs.)

Yeah, they all require glue and major painting. The Zaku III from ZZ is a
cool kit to get. Also go for the transforming MS from Zeta if you are in
the mood.

>Say the AMX-008 GAZOUM, what
>kind of kit is it?

It's a transformable Axis MS/MA. Not the most eye-pleasing design to me.


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