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On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> It's definately worth it, a much better kit with great detailing, more
> multimedia parts than the 8MST Zaku, better and more colors, and better
> poseability!

Ahhh, so that's a yes right? :)

> Yeah, that is a SWEET kit! Surprisingly enough, since the RD appears for
> a total of maybe 10 seconds max the entire series!

right, made a great kit for a flash in the pan MS, and a mediocre one for
the one that everyone loves. Someone got his marketing degree from the
wrong university.

> > cool mechas, especially Zussa, kinda like a Gundamized Missile Phalanx.
> Yepper!

Gundamized and more dynamic!

Another question: what's Quess' color scheme on the Jagd Doga?

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