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 Yeah the bright yellow is a little ridiculous. i guess that's why i
 didn't buy it when i was in Tokyo. damn! Does it have polycap? Decent
 flexibility? Can you open the missile hatches? Can you pull out some of
 the missiles?

Nothing that great unfortunately. the missles are just little circles you
put on the missle launcher parts. So far the flexibility is ok for a glue
together. I haven't finished it yet though. One word on the Dreissen is
that the torso looks cooler in the design sketch then in the model. The body
is to boxy in the model, in the sketch it looks like it actually has a waist.
Also in the sketch, part of the torso hangs over the chest vents, they look
kind of submerged, whereas on the model they are just slapped on the torso.
When I build that, I plan to try modifying this.

> painting my Rick Dom II. For a long time I only painted the minimum (the
> black in the Eye area, and the thrusters) but now I am gluing, modifying,
> painting the whole model in the traditional black and light purple color
 Hey! I am doing the same thing! That's why I am not finishing the
 shoulders yet. But I only plan to paint over the purple parts, since I
 like the very-dark-gray on the plastic more than the straight black. Also
 the chest is quite different from the Dom I, How do you plan to paint
 that? I may paint the top middle part (the colar bone :) black. But then
 I have to match that very-dark-gray, plusdamn!

Well so far I have painted the black parts black. I hadn't figured out what
to do yet with the collarbone part, but I am planning on using a dark grey
for the chest area.

 Did you managed to paint a black ring inside those red parts like in the
 instructions? I gave that up and painted only a black dot right in the
I did the dot too, though I plan on trying again

> then I decided that I wanted to improve the thrusters under the skirt by
> adding some kind of engine like in the MG Gelgoog's skirt.
 How do you do that? Hmm... perhaps use gelcap Contact-C or Tyenol or
 something? >>

Actually I was planning on using some left over missles from the 1/72 scale
macross Valkyrie, and/or some pieces of Sprue trees. I am still working on
that though since This is probably my most favorite model, even above both
Perfect Grades. But that might change with the MG Dom. (Dom's are my
favorite by the way)

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