Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 22:39:30 -0700 (MST)

> Yep, I've done that already and like it alot. Is the Zaku FZ worth doing
> after 08mst Zaku? I guess the main attraction is the German head.

  It's definately worth it, a much better kit with great detailing, more
multimedia parts than the 8MST Zaku, better and more colors, and better

> > Gelgoog JG
> > I mean is that the legs fall off, A LOT!! Other then that it is a good kit
> Hmm that's pretty annoying. Did you do some modificiation to strengthen
> it up a bit?

  Hrm... I haven't found anything that works.

> > WELL, honestly it depends. I mean if you like lot's of weapons, you will
> Gotcha... Say isn't that in the anime, the handle bar (right name?) on the
> shot guns can be detached, so it looks like a sawed-off shotgun? Can you
> do that with the gun in the kit?

  Not sure what you want, the shotguns the Kampfer comes with _are_
sawed-off shotguns... one has a wire-butt, the other one is buttless.

> > The best model of all in the series is really the Rick Dom II. It has great
> Yes it's great. Just finished it (kind of), I lend a heat rod from the
> 0079 Dom to it. So it has a little something for the down and dirty hand
> to hand combats :)

  Yeah, that is a SWEET kit! Surprisingly enough, since the RD appears for
a total of maybe 10 seconds max the entire series!

> > The Jegan is OK, but my personal beef with it is the limited range of motion
> > in the elbows. The arms only move towards and away from the torso they can't
> Sorry I don't quite catch your meaning. How can Bandai mess up a GMesque
> shoulder? Oh you said elbows? Do they have 2 degrees of freedom?

  Yes, but the swivel applies to the lower arm part and not the upper arm.
So basically the arm can't "shoot from the hip" if you know what I mean!

> cool mechas, especially Zussa, kinda like a Gundamized Missile Phalanx.


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