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> Though honestly I think the 08th MS team Zaku II is probably better overall

Yep, I've done that already and like it alot. Is the Zaku FZ worth doing
after 08mst Zaku? I guess the main attraction is the German head.

> Gelgoog JG
> I mean is that the legs fall off, A LOT!! Other then that it is a good kit

Hmm that's pretty annoying. Did you do some modificiation to strengthen
it up a bit?

> Kempfer
> WELL, honestly it depends. I mean if you like lot's of weapons, you will

Gotcha... Say isn't that in the anime, the handle bar (right name?) on the
shot guns can be detached, so it looks like a sawed-off shotgun? Can you
do that with the gun in the kit?

> The best model of all in the series is really the Rick Dom II. It has great
> flexibility, cool colors, and honestly it is the best Dom model I have ever

Yes it's great. Just finished it (kind of), I lend a heat rod from the
0079 Dom to it. So it has a little something for the down and dirty hand
to hand combats :)

> The Jegan is OK, but my personal beef with it is the limited range of motion
> in the elbows. The arms only move towards and away from the torso they can't
> turn and face out toward the front.

Sorry I don't quite catch your meaning. How can Bandai mess up a GMesque
shoulder? Oh you said elbows? Do they have 2 degrees of freedom?

> I think some of the ZZ models are decent. Right now I've been working
> sporadically on the Zussa and Whenever I get that done I have to tackle the
> Dreissen. As for the Gazoum, I don't have that one.

Could u give a little in-box or in-progress review? Both these are pretty
cool mechas, especially Zussa, kinda like a Gundamized Missile Phalanx.

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