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 Is the skirt on Zaku FZ movable?

In a word NO

  The other 0080 models that I have have
 good poseablity because of either very wide open skirt or multi-part
 movable skirt. From the picture it looks like a fixed skirt like
 the 08MST Gouf. Does that limit the legs?

Not really that bad IMHO

 are the ankle flexible? are
 the wrists as good as GM-Command? Are the shoulder good and flexible?
They are decent. The main complaint people have with this kit is that the
plastic is kinda brittle, but I haven't had much of a problem with it myself.
 Though honestly I think the 08th MS team Zaku II is probably better overall

 For Gelgoog JG, apart from the bad color, how do you like this kit? I
 have no problem painting the whole kit over.

The BIGGEST problem, and I DO mean BIGGEST PROBLEM, is with the hip joints in
the thigh. They are ball and socket joints. The problem is that they don't
fit around the ball part far enough, I guess that explains it kind've. What
I mean is that the legs fall off, A LOT!! Other then that it is a good kit
in my opinion
 Is Kempfer really that bad?

WELL, honestly it depends. I mean if you like lot's of weapons, you will
like the arsenal it comes with. But other then that to be honest it is just
kinda OK, if to be really honest a tad mediocre. Not commenting on the whole
"Should've been in Patlabor" look of the mecha, the model kit just doesn't do
the design justice. I don't think it would be half as popular as it is
without all of the weapons though.

The best model of all in the series is really the Rick Dom II. It has great
flexibility, cool colors, and honestly it is the best Dom model I have ever
 Can someone give a review of the CCA model series? Do you like the Jegan?
 (why the hell are those Z and CCA mechas so huge anyway?)

The CCA models are pretty good for their time. They require massive amounts
of painting. The only issues I have is that some aspects of the
proportioning just don't look right in the Sazabi. Don't get me wrong, it is
fairly decent, but I have seen far superior representations of that mech.
And also the forearms/hands on the Jagd Dogas really annoy me. Instead of an
arm that goes along one straight line, you have these hands that are always
stuck jutting out in a 45% angle.the only way to get the arm to point forward
is to have the arm jutting way out.

The Jegan is OK, but my personal beef with it is the limited range of motion
in the elbows. The arms only move towards and away from the torso they can't
turn and face out toward the front.
 Can anyway recommend some Z or ZZ models? It looks like the models
 are mostly of the old 0079 models' quality. (not the Gundams thanks, I am
 ready for some variation on mecha designs.) Say the AMX-008 GAZOUM, what
 kind of kit is it? >>

I think some of the ZZ models are decent. Right now I've been working
sporadically on the Zussa and Whenever I get that done I have to tackle the
Dreissen. As for the Gazoum, I don't have that one.

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