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Wed, 28 Apr 1999 23:34:41 -0400 (EDT)

Hi, sorry for bringing back some old questions. But seeing that the GML
has been pretty kinda slow lately...

I have an oppotunity to get some models at good prices. I have some
specific questions about 0080 and other models

Is the skirt on Zaku FZ movable? the other 0080 models that I have have
good poseablity because of either very wide open skirt or multi-part
movable skirt. From the picture it looks like a fixed skirt like
the 08MST Gouf. Does that limit the legs? are the ankle flexible? are
the wrists as good as GM-Command? Are the shoulder good and flexible?

For Gelgoog JG, apart from the bad colour, how do you like this kit? I
have no problem painting the whole kit over.

Is Kempfer really that bad?

Can someone give a review of the CCA model series? Do you like the Jegan?
(why the hell are those Z and CCA mechas so huge anyway?)

Can anyway recommend some Z or ZZ models? It looks like the models
are mostly of the old 0079 models' quality. (not the Gundams thanks, I am
ready for some variation on mecha designs.) Say the AMX-008 GAZOUM, what
kind of kit is it?

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