Michael Ip (zugok@gundam.com)
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 14:22:48 +1200

Well, it's my day today...I have finished my hesis, and I have recieved
my package from tower.co.jp. In short:

They were reasonably quick, I confirmed an order on Wednesday 21st
April, and I recieved (prolly, dunno coz I haven't been home in the past
week) Monday 27 or Tuesday 28 of April, and I live in New Zealand.

Charge ex tax price *PLUS* 5%, so it works uot a bit more than regular
retail price plus sales tax...not bad tho. you get given a change to
accept or decline the order via email (with total charge, shipping incl)

Shipping and shipping costs:
Via UPS with tracking number. Varies, obviously, according to
weight...but I guess people aren't going to be ording packages over 1kg,
so the charges are about Y2000-2500 up to 0.5kg, or Y3000 up to 1kg.

They have quite selection og Gundam CDs, even the new ones which have
been recently released, Dafyyd reviewed one several weeks ago, and I
just received the F91 Concert Special, but their search doesn't tell you
if you a product is out of stock. BTW they still have stocks of FFVII
OST :)

any other questions (eg how to search at tower.jp), please email me

               pika pika pikachu!
                  Michael Ip

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