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> Ok guys, here's my summary (I hope it's not too dull). I'll scan and

  Hey cool! Thanks a bunch!

> Rumbling Mountain, part 2:
> The episode opens on Ginias and Aina getting in the completed Apsaras 2.
> They start kicking Federation butts immediately: the Apsaras unleashes a
> beam that leaves a burnt scar for kilometers in the forest. Please note

  Now that's a "Bustaaaahh Beeeaaaam!" It sounds more powerful than any
beam-cannon seen to date, after all, most guns don't even have a range of
more than a Km or so in the Gundam universe!

> the Apsaras actually unfolded some kind of legs, making it look more
> Bigzamish than ever.

  Wow! I don't think the model has that option, but really, if the Asparas
has legs then it definately looks like a Bigzam prototype. Actually, I'm
happy to hear that. Still don't see why it just has a Zaku-head in the
middle there though... maybe it has a "Core Zaku"? (laughs). Maybe it was
inspired by the Dendrobium?

  Does the Asparas have any _other_ weapons besides its big buster
bellybutton blaster? What did it shoot at? Did the Flying Goufs get to do
any damage?

> 8th MS Team members are appaled by such firepower but they immediately

  But all they really need is just one clean hit with a beam rifle and
it's all over.

> have to face another concern: Shiro tells them he's quitting the army.
> Karen immediately reacts and targets Shiro with her machinegun. Sanders
> notices she's targetting him and we get 2 sets of flashbacks: first,
> Karen is given orders by Kojima (that "kill Amada if he's a traitor"
> thing) while Sanders gets some too (by Kojima again) but I'm not sure I
> understood correctly what was said here. Back to present, Karen finally

  So I guess this means she assumes that he's switching sides? I don't
quite understand why Shiro didn't just order his unit to follow him after
the Asparas....

> shoots as Shiro's EZ8 moves but she misses (and that looked on purpose
> to me).


> Meanwhile, the Apsaras is now over Fed base, Aina introduces herself to
> them and tries to make a deal with them (it looks like she's quite
> reluctant to use the firepower of her MA): she'll leave them unscathed
> if they leave the Kelgeren flee to space. Kojima rejects the offer the

  Did the base have some sort of long-range artillery that they could hit
the Kelgeren with? If so, why not just shoot down the Asparas?

> first time but then, Aina opens the MA's cockpit and goes outside of the
> machine (on something that looks like a diving board) to talk again.

  They should have used the opportunity to shoot her!

> Kojima finally accepts and asks the GM Snipers to be on standby (to
  Cool! GM Snipers! Do they look like the 0080 ones or like modified 8MST
GMs? What do the rifles look like?

> Eesan Reyer's dismay). So the Kelgeren begins to soar, but Ginias being
> such a sick puppy, he fires again on the Feds (while his sister is still

  Jions are such jerks!

> outside the MA, just above the main cannon). Several Fed MSs get

  That's gotta be at least a sunburn for her!

> thrashed as a result: GMs from 2nd, 3rd and 6th MS Teams (I'm
> mentionning this because that GM from 6th MS Team has a *hyper hammer*

  It was carrying a WHAT!? Really? What the hell is this obsession with
Hyper-Hammers? After all, the Gundam itself only used it once, right?

> Federation's retaliation is immediate: Kojima orders the GM Snipers to
> shoot the Kelgeren, what is done quickly and nicely. Aina is shocked but

  That's stupid... forget about the Kelgeren... SHOOT THE FREAKIN'
ASPARAS!!! Why aren't they shooting the Asparas _first_!?

> her brother asks her to keep watching: a damaged, lone Gouf Flight Type
> managed to get out before the ship was destroyed and Kojima orders the
> snipers to shoot it, no matter how defenseless it is. Seeing this, Aina

  Well yeah, they're pretty ticked off, but I still don't understand why
they're not shooting the Asparas!

> already begun heating the main cannon for another shot, Aina being in

  And if there was any logic in the universe, you'd expect at least a
half-dozen grenades and bazooka rounds to be inside that main cannon by
now, fired by GMs!

> mountain, Sanders and Karen's MSs have to kneel before the hovertruck
> (or whatever is that thing's name) to protect it from the incoming
> shockwave.

  Cool! Blast damage!
  SO I guess the Asparas didn't actually hightail it very far away from
the site of episode #10, eh? Otherwise Shiro's damaged team wouldn't have
been able to be so close... of course, why the HELL did he say he's
quitting the army when all he has to do is jog less than a mile away?

> After this, Aina and Ginias have a final argument and as Aina opens the
> cockpit hatch to exit, her brother (gone totally postal) shoots her in

  Exit? Is the Asparas sitting on the ground or something?
  What happened to its Gouf-Flight-Type bodyguards anyway?

> the chest. Deadly hit, Aina falls but the EZ8 catches her in its hand.

  Cool! Finally!

> of Galactic Heroes). Carrying her lifeless body in his arms, Shiro
> stands on his lying MS and faces the Apsaras, swearing he'll kill
> Ginias.

  You know, why didn't he just SHOOT the Asparas _first_ and THEN come
running out of the cockpit? How stupid is this guy? These people are
acting like a soap opera! I mean, standing outside your helpless robot
while a GIANT monster-MS is hovering above you, while you threaten its
pilot? That Asparas could squash him with its exhaust!

> (Beware! Cheesy part!)
> As Ginias is about to fry Shiro, Aina actually wakes up, which


> unbalances Ginias, at the same time a GM Sniper shoots the Apsaras and
> destroys one of its legs, but the MA fires again. Shiro and Aina run for

  Come on GMs... you aimed for its LEGS?
  How can Aina "Run for Cover" when she's been shot in the back? Or was
she wearing a BP vest? (Convenient)

> Meanwhile, Eesan evacuates the base in the 8th team hovertruck, leaving
> Kojima behind.

  Why did he leave Kojima? How small is this base if it doesn't even seem
to have its own trucks?

> to see Aina alive. Aina survived her brother's assault thanks to that
> watch of hers: the bullet hit the watch (waaaay cheesy) and so she

  Oh Gosh... that's the stupidest thing I've EVER seen in Gundam! Gaaah!
What is this, Captain Tyler?

> survived: that's why there was no blood spilling from the injury.
> The power of luv part begins: they hug and walk together toward the EZ8.

  BAAAAAALLLLLGH! ARGH! Why can't Karen STOMP both of them right now with
her gundam?

> The Apsaras fires once on the EZ8, finishing off its left arm and
> blowing open the cockpit hatch, so Shiro and Aina can face Ginias. The

  You know, I don't get it: Here's the Asparas's track record:
        1. Blast #1, Vaporizes square KILOMETERS of forest
        2. Blast #2, Vaporizes about a dozen GMs
        3. Blast #3, Vaporizes a friggin MOUNTAIN
        4. Blast #4, Damages an already damaged arm on the EZ8 and cuts
        open a couple cms of cockpit armor.

  Sheesh, it seems like the Asparas's gun is a victim of "Plot-itis"

> EZ8 stands before the Apsaras and switches its beam saber on. Ginias

  Hm.. I would have at least used a rifle, or my vulcans... after all, to
avoid a Beam Saber all Ginias has to do is take one big step backward! (or
fly away!)

> begins to input lots of numbers in the Apsaras (I guess that's to make
> him look demented) and the MA begins gathering energy again. Kojima

  Sheesh guy, just FLY BACK a little bit and you'll be safe!

> orders the base cannons to fire. Now, that's the "Shiro and Aina's love

  Which he should have ordered ten minutes ago!

> VS Ginias's Dream" part: in one bold move, the EZ8 charges the Apsaras
> and punches the cockpit but meanwhile its defenseless in front of the

  Should have sabered the cockpit instead of punching! I would have tossed
my saber _in_ the Asparas's cannon!

> MA's main cannon. The Apsaras fires one last time before going down.
> This last blast melts the EZ8 (I've never seen a MS getting that

  Sweet! Two annoying characters gone!

> thrashed). Meanwhile, in the Feds base, Kojima stands alone, watching,
> while we can hear Fed soldiers ordering an evacuation. That last blast
> hits the base and vaporizes Kojima.

  Hey, that's not fair! Why didn't he just LEAVE with everyone else? Seems
pretty pointless for him to die that way.

> the wreckage. Karen is reluctant but Eledore (who keeps hitting on her
> BTW) grabs her arm and surrendering to her feelings, she runs with the

  Power of Luuuuv!

> Miguel speaks (apparently writing to Bibi) an says he believes Shiro is
> somehow alive. Then there are the last images of the ED: we see 2
  He's a Newtype! Augh!

> silhouettes: a female (Aina) is holding a guy who's actually missing his
> left leg! (yeah, that's Shiro)

  Great... we're gonna have another spinoff-series/side-story. Blah. So
he'll be the Federation Kelly Layzner.


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