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> HEY! I like the G-unit stuff, if only for the fact that it
>actually makes
>the gundam design look "younger"...it's hard to explain, but when I see the
>aG-units, I can actually imagine teenagers piloting them...they look so
>fresh and cool. The bad guy..the Ziong/Gelgoog look alike is one of the
>most interesting designs I've ever seen, and it deserves to be considered
>a milestone in gundam design...as for the griepe, well, it is unusual in
>that it is one of the few gundams I know, if not the only one, without a
>skirt system. The other three designs were obvious ripoffs of 0083 stuff,
>with a waverider type which is a mix of the ReGZ and the F90 waverider.
> All in all, though, the designs were refreshing to look at.
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The Ziong/Gelgoog MS you are refering to is probably the Hydra Gundam. I
agree, its cool. It makes an appearence in the playstation game, Gundam:
the Battlemaster 2 where it is the main boss. BTW, is Bandai making a
Battlemaster 3? I love those games.


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