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> Yes! Thanks for catching my error. Too much C() programming tonight...
> find that Aina is rather a convincing nobility character that has that air
> of nobility while doing some really nifty kick ass piloting and generally
> kicking the general snot out of Feddies... Note, in first episode, she
> that air of superority against Shiro (at least for awhile, but Shiro acts
> with force).

    I don't really think she is that good of a pilot - after all, the two
MS/MA she piloted are supposed to be prototype of above-average MS. I do
agree with you that she seems to have some sort of nobility around her...

> Cima on the other hand, is devious, conniving, backstabbing piece of
> character that kicks general Feddies to kingdom come, including the
> to spank Kou (albeit he was in an uncalibrated MS). You gotta dig a lady
> that can do that...

    I respect her piloting skill, but I just hate her personality...

> > Although she is not a good pilot, she has many qualities that Gundam
> > fans found appealing among the Gundam female characters.
> She was never meant to be a good pilot, but just to break in the Gundam NT
> for amuro. That's all her use is for...

    We all know that (even the maintainance guys know that), but she does
have a likable personality and personality traits that Gundam fans like to
see in future Gundam female characters...

> I dunno... I kinda like Fa Yuri's character design over Fours better.
> Could it be the fact that she is one of very few Anime Female Character
> does not have a neon/pastel/nonnatural hair color?!?!

    I am not sure if you know or not (or just don't really care about it),
but the outragous hair color of anime is so that we, the watcher, can
distinguish between characters quickly. If Four ever appears on a novel or
something, I would assume her hair color would be black or somewhat of a
natural color, since we never did know Four's nationality is...

> On an interesting note, I did see a "nude portrait" of Four Murasame...
> Strange and Weird... I think it was part of a NewType pictoral series if
> fading memory serves me...

    I remember the picture you are talking about (I used to have that on my
hard-drive, but after three or four computer changes, I lost it...). It's
the one she lying on a bed with nothing on, right? Nudity aside, you have to
agree it's one of the better protrait of Four. In the TV series, sometimes
Four looked beautiful, while other times, she looked weird. As a interesting
sidenote, Four is "best drawn" in the bath scene in the episode "Forever
Four", which could just be my hentai mind...

> > Kou didn't even deserve to touch a Gundam, let alone pilot
> > two of them.
> > As for Shiro, he is not suitable as a pilot...
> I dunno on those either point. I think Kou just got lucky with the GP01
> proved his worth. And GP01 is a mediocre machine compared to the GP02 or
> GP03 or GP01FB.

    In my mind (and in the "normal" UC timeline), Gundam is reserved for the
best or above average pilots. Comparing him to the rest of the pilots that
pilot the Gundam a lot of times (Camille, Amuro, Char, Judo) or even the
girls or supporting cast (Roux, Sayla, Emma, Mondo, Elle) seems to be a
better pilot than he is. Not only that, Kou just doesn't really seems to be
"right" as a pilot, since the only reason he is piloting is because he want
to beat Gato. With a loose cannon like this, I wouldn't put him in any
state-of-the-art MS at all...

> Shiro on the other hand (and a tip to the animators/writers mistake) did
> survive a battle against a Zaku with a Ball Cannon. That deserves some
> respect right?

    I mean his personality. A person who question a lot and cannot do
something that he doesn't believe is right is not fit to be a soldier,
especially a front line pilot.

> A interesting question: does the mecha specs for RB-79K mention the armor
> material for the Ball? If so, is it the fancy Luna Titanium or just the
> plain type?

    Don't we beat this topic into the ground a long time ago?

Edmund Chiu

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