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> Nina's your typical airhead, fully established by the many members of this
> fine establishment. OR at least, we'll all agree that she's messed up.

    Or what a mess-up job the writers has done. She not recognizing Gato has
to be her "fatal flaw", although she has a lot of flaws...

> Quess is a kid that's just fallen for the wrong man/men in her life.
> Everyone has. That should not result in so much hate against her though.

    And she was being a spoiled brat throughout the whole movie, which
didn't help people's opinion of her one bit...

> Aina... Haven't seen too much of 0083 to make an opinion, but she carries
> an air or nobility all while kicking various federation arses. Now tha's
> muy cool.

    You mean 08 MS Team, right? Personally, I felt that she is better suited
to be a nurse or something (must have something to do with the voice actress
who do her voice, who happens to do the famous role of Belldandy and Kasumi

> Christina is beloved by many members of this fine establishment. We just
> wish that Bandai would flesh her out a bit more.

    Although she is not a good pilot, she has many qualities that Gundam
fans found appealing among the Gundam female characters.

> Four is also somewhat beloved, but she is alas a tragic character every
> length of the way.

    She is perhaps the favorite female character in Zeta Gundam (in Japan,
of course. On the list, it seems people like Emma more.). Personally, she is
my favorite female Gundam character of all times. I just wish Bandai would
re-make Zeta Gundam, so I would see her in a better light (Zeta Gundam TV
series' animation is not very consistance...)

> > I don't think there are equal amount of hate directed at male
> > character in this ML.
> I could name several... Well at least one.
> Gato. He's a Char wannabe. Just give him a mask and we've ourselves a
> for 0083... Except he screams way too much.


> Treize, the androgenous leader of OZ. Puhlease.

    I kinda like him, for his ability to play the "villain".

> Some of us seem to have Kou (he's somewhat dull) and Shiro too much.

    Kou didn't even deserve to touch a Gundam, let alone pilot two of them.
As for Shiro, he is not suitable as a pilot...

> Just letting everyone know there is plenty of love to go around.. ^_^

    You forgot about Camille (or Kamiyu) Vidan, perhaps the most hated
Gundam "hero" of all times! Personally, I think he is a great pilot and all,
but his personality needs work, not to mention the fact that Four loves him,
which doesn't help people to like him at all...

Edmund Chiu

My favorite Gundam of all times:
1) Nu Gundam
2) Gundam F91
3) V2 Assault-Buster Gundam

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