Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 21:07:32 -0700

> Somehow, it's always female characters, Krishina, Nina, Aina,
> Quess, etc.


Nina's your typical airhead, fully established by the many members of this
fine establishment. OR at least, we'll all agree that she's messed up.

Quess is a kid that's just fallen for the wrong man/men in her life.
Everyone has. That should not result in so much hate against her though.

Aina... Haven't seen too much of 0083 to make an opinion, but she carries
an air or nobility all while kicking various federation arses. Now tha's
muy cool.

Christina is beloved by many members of this fine establishment. We just
wish that Bandai would flesh her out a bit more.

Four is also somewhat beloved, but she is alas a tragic character every
length of the way.

> I don't think there are equal amount of hate directed at male
> character in this ML.

I could name several... Well at least one.

Gato. He's a Char wannabe. Just give him a mask and we've ourselves a Char
for 0083... Except he screams way too much.

Treize, the androgenous leader of OZ. Puhlease.

Some of us seem to have Kou (he's somewhat dull) and Shiro too much.

Just letting everyone know there is plenty of love to go around.. ^_^

Y. Choe

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