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Tue, 27 Apr 1999 15:11:24 -0700 (MST)

> First, I don't think you could consider this is a conclusion, I mean it
> ends that whole Apsaras thing but after the last few minutes of the
> episode, you really feel wish Last Resort were already out.

   So it doesn't feel like anything really gets resolved? What a cop-out!
Pathetic! Do you think they were 'spoiling for a sequel', i.e., trying to
make it so the fans cry out to extend the series or something, by having a
real half-assed conclusion?

> Don't expect heavy MS vs MS action (I think that's the point Kota was
> mentionning in an earlier post today), basically it's Feds versus
> Apsaras and Shiro in the middle of that.

  Well, you'd expect alot of mecha slamming when it's the entire
Federation Jaburo GM contingent versus the giant Jion whoopy-cushion from

> As for that "2 major characters die" thing, I'd say it's half crap but I
> don't want to spoil anyone here.

  Ah, so it's basically two characters we don't care about eh? I.e.,
Giniass and some doofus rebel background redshirt guy...

> it) but the insert with the LD is kinda spoiling (I'll post it on my web
> page if anyone wants to see it). Overall, I liked it pretty much, it's

  Do it! I wanna see!

> not as good as episode 10 but it's way better than any of the first five
> episodes.

  Better than "The wacky adventures of totally irresponsible
Gundam-Captain Shiro"? Impossible! (Laughs) seriously, it's hard NOT to
beat the first five episodes!
> I'll watch it again and if anyone's interested I'll make a summary, just
> ask.

  Hey, go ahead, I'd love to hear it1
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