Djallel Zouita (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 22:10:18 +0200

Hi guys, just got this one today and here are a few impressions:
First, I don't think you could consider this is a conclusion, I mean it
ends that whole Apsaras thing but after the last few minutes of the
episode, you really feel wish Last Resort were already out.
Don't expect heavy MS vs MS action (I think that's the point Kota was
mentionning in an earlier post today), basically it's Feds versus
Apsaras and Shiro in the middle of that.
As for that "2 major characters die" thing, I'd say it's half crap but I
don't want to spoil anyone here.
Now, for the contents itself: there are some scenes I really enjoyed and
this episode is really tense (you keep wondering who isn't gonna make
it) but the insert with the LD is kinda spoiling (I'll post it on my web
page if anyone wants to see it). Overall, I liked it pretty much, it's
not as good as episode 10 but it's way better than any of the first five
I'll watch it again and if anyone's interested I'll make a summary, just

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