Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 12:55:17 -0700 (MST)

> > the consoles and machines inside the hovership in the real world were
> > did not show much progress even for 2099 or 2199. They still used keyboards,
> > when voice recognition is close to becoming a feasible solution today.

  There are going to be ALOT of things Voice-Rec isn't going to be able to
do, and truly, for functional control of computers, _nothing_ can beat a
finger on the keys, we're talking tens of milliseconds reaction time
versus a second or two to speak out the command.
  As for the Keyboards, you noticed they were using a Katakana character
set and a different-shaped keypad, right?


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