Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 12:53:18 -0700 (MST)

> > oppose a strong force without any reinforcements just in case the strong force
> > she opposes decides to eradiquate her for opposing them...
> um...they are called "pacifists"?
> Check modern history. There are numerou occasions of people opposing to
> so called "a strong force" without any military reinforcement, starting
> with Gandhi. And they aren't that unsuccessful either.

  Absolutely right!
  And I think that's what Gundam Wing is all about, it isn't the giant
samurai-suited macho-man "giant masculine armors" that go around saving
the universe... it's in fact a group of staunch pacifists willing to
sacrifice everything for peace and unity that end up saving the day!

> > > it seems like when she's around Heero her IQ drops by 2 digits.
> Like when Aina's around Shiro? Speaking of 08th Team, compared to episode

  Typical anime-femme behavior, keeps them from seeming too 'threatening'
to the typical anime-male. (Or viewer).

> 10, episode 11 isn't that great from what I'm hearing, unfortunately. The
> ending is somewhat similar to CCA; it doesn't have 'clear cut' ending.

  Let me guess, Shiro stops Aina and her crazy brother by using "The Power
of LUUUUVVV!", eh? (A giant glowing "Beam Heart" shoots out of the EZ-8
and blasts the Asparas-III with glowing love-energy, as the fragments fall
over Jaburo they turn into little daisys and fall over all the little
pansies down below!)

> BTW, it turns out that "Last Resort" will take place AFTER OYW.

  I see... interesting, basically the 0083 time-period?

> Well, sometimes stubborn people are the ones who actually get things done.


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