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> Subject: Re: [gundam] [OT] The Matrix & Dark City <spoiler>

> One thing though, even though the world inside the Matrix was faux 1990s,
> the consoles and machines inside the hovership in the real world were
> did not show much progress even for 2099 or 2199. They still used keyboards,
> when voice recognition is close to becoming a feasible solution today.

I suppose it *could* be explained as using low tech gear so that the AIs
wouldn't detect them so easily? The city Zion wasn't any sort of industrial
powerhouse with the AIs destroying/annexing everything of any worth during
the "war", leaving them with dick to work with? Maybe they scanvenged what
they needed from junk. Man, I hope there's a book. And a sequel. Or a

> I don't think anyone ever said anything about Dark City being a sci-fi
> movie?

I was saying that in terms of it being compared to "The Matrix" and the fact
that it had aliens in it and was based on a floating lab in space. Other
than that, it was a middle of the road film noir looking fantasy movie. Uh,
with Jennifer Connelly in it.


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