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Richie Ramos wrote:

> >That's the whole point of her character, to fall in love with the hero and
> >have $#it open up all around her world, and let the hero take action and
> >advance the story, rinse, and repeat.
> >Quess on the other hand, she took charge, kicked butt, killed her own father
> >(by coincidence), piloted an MA to near victory until popped in the end by
> >Chien. All in all, I say Quess can kick Relena's butt in a catfight.

of course... Relena can't fight... she's an ojousama according to Monica... and
besides she's a princess for god's sake... princesses have people to do stuff for
them, like fight for them, cook for them, drive them around... etc... by the way,
Quess wouldn't be able to kick Relena's butt in a catfight coz all of Relena's
followers would kick Quess' butt if she tried to hurt the little PRINCESS...

> Ah, but Relena is quite like Helen of Troy...the face that launched a
> thousand...

yeah... the face that launched a thousand hate sites, barf sites, anger, a lot of
fashion critiques, alot of nasty image frustration and a whole lot more from
where it came from =)

> well, in this case five very nasty gundam pilots with equally
> nasty suits. I shudder to think what would have happened if she had used
> her charisma in a more aggressive fashion...

hehehe... *shudder* what would happen if she actually used HER charisma =)
but sometimes she is aggressive when it comes to chasing Heero around....

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