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>Hmm... I think Thea forwarded an old message by me so I won't say too much.
>However, I do like her, and she really is the embodiment of GWings message
>about peace being achieved through _not_ fighting, but instead believing in
>peace. She's not a fighter in the traditional sense, but she does always
>stick by her beliefs. I like her much better than a) the trad. ojousama,
>who's portrayed as selfish or out of touch -- she is out of touch, but she
>is also gracious. That's always a plus. or b) the spunky, stupid anime
>girl. While Relena isn't too rational about Heero, she does think out most
>of her moves... (/me ignores the heero come kill me thing =P)

        well, Relena, I think, is the whole center of the series itself, rightly
or wrongly...not because of force of character, but because she embodies
what peace there is left in the world she inhabits. In a way, her being
out of touch is a symbol of how peace-lovers in her world thought. she had
to grow up nfirst, it seems before everyone in the series could also grow
up. She doesn't have to be likeable, but she has to be solid in and of
herself. I actually like her for the conviction which she has...which, in
the beginning was quite misplaced. As for her "kill me Heero" thing, well,
it is a form of angst which I think symbolized how useless her dreams were
at first.

>>She's ok, not everything she does is wrong. She does prove her worth in the
>>end. I reserve my undying hatred for Quess, the dumbest girl ever to grace
>>the Gundam continuum.
>Aaaaaaaah. Quess.
>One of the reasons I keep dreading every time I watch Char's. I don't mind
>her in the beginning, but... arrgh. ARRGH.
>Nina is just _annoying_, but Quess is evil.

        Quess isn't really evil. she's just one very stubborn and misguided girl.
 unfortunately, she's also annoying and fell into the wrong crowd (whatever
that means...).

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