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>Yep, it looks OK, if you forget the fact that its a Gundam. Your right, its
>feet and legs look like those of a Valkyrie.

        Actually, looking at it about is so very Chogokin/Godaikin in
design...perhaps Mr.Mead was given some robot toys, some gundam kits, and
therefore he produced a hybrid? the head really reminds me of mekanda
robot and a bit of tesujin, while the shoulders are definitely
f91-ish...the chest with popout launchers is so...retro, heck, half the old
robots had a chest weapon...the skirt are is definitely gundam, and the
legs are definitely macross valkyries...the shield looks more like
something out of FSS, though, now that I think about it, and the gun is
reminiscent of some V gundam designs...

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