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>It just doesn't make sense for me. She seems way TOO young and
>innocent to tackle any diplomatic affairs. Of her being a public
>figure or a representative of the colony, I could not believe how
>anyone could have taken her seriously. What happened to other high
>rank officials? (and I know they didn't all die..) Why did they give
>over such important responsiblity to this little girl? It's
>not enough for me to accept her just because she is one of the

        Actually, that she is a surviving Peacecraft who does follow the ways of
her father IS the thing. She was a perfecty rallying point in that sense.
People reacted to her ot because of her personality, but because of what
heritage/tradition she stood for, which was peace.
        It's the way things are sometimes with royalty.
        At least, she meant well, though I really have to admit, the temptation to
shoot her early on in the series was a very big one. makes one almost wish
that Lady Une had done her job right and killed her.

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