Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 03:25:15 -0700

> Them are fighting words, at least for Jim Huang. :)

Jimmy, you still around? Must lead the fight against Anti Quess-ites!!

> If anything... at least Quess looked better than Relena. I also
> can't stand
> Relena's irrational behavior and seemingly ignorance of what's going on
> around her, it seems like when she's around Heero her IQ drops by
> 2 digits.

That's the whole point of her character, to fall in love with the hero and
have $#it open up all around her world, and let the hero take action and
advance the story, rinse, and repeat.

Quess on the other hand, she took charge, kicked butt, killed her own father
(by coincidence), piloted an MA to near victory until popped in the end by
Chien. All in all, I say Quess can kick Relena's butt in a catfight.

Y. Choe

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