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>> Ok, the subject line. Relena...everyone here knows who she
>> is, right? Of
>> course you do! So...I was wondering...does anyone actually
>> LIKE the girl?
>> because I really don't. She's so...bland. Opinions?

Hmm... I think Thea forwarded an old message by me so I won't say too much.
However, I do like her, and she really is the embodiment of GWings message
about peace being achieved through _not_ fighting, but instead believing in
peace. She's not a fighter in the traditional sense, but she does always
stick by her beliefs. I like her much better than a) the trad. ojousama,
who's portrayed as selfish or out of touch -- she is out of touch, but she
is also gracious. That's always a plus. or b) the spunky, stupid anime
girl. While Relena isn't too rational about Heero, she does think out most
of her moves... (/me ignores the heero come kill me thing =P)

>She's ok, not everything she does is wrong. She does prove her worth in the
>end. I reserve my undying hatred for Quess, the dumbest girl ever to grace
>the Gundam continuum.

Aaaaaaaah. Quess.


One of the reasons I keep dreading every time I watch Char's. I don't mind
her in the beginning, but... arrgh. ARRGH.

Nina is just _annoying_, but Quess is evil.

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