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Su, Rodrick wrote:
> She's ok, not everything she does is wrong. She does prove her worth in the
> end. I reserve my undying hatred for Quess, the dumbest girl ever to grace
> the Gundam continuum.

Damn straight! She was naive and stupid enough to be easily brainwashed
(and rinsed and conditioned) in record time by Char, and became a full
fledged killer with no problem. The b***h got what she deserved in the

Chris "No really, Jon Stewart IS better than Craig Kilborn" Brown

KYRTEN: "We will cease to be HERE, because none of this will have
But we will exist back on Red Dwarf, before all this began. With, of
no memory of these events, which, of course, never happened. And as
events never happened, we will have no memory of them. In which case,
Mister Rimmer, Sir, I should like to take this opportunity of saying
you are the most obnoxious, trumped-up, farty little smeghead it has
been my misfortune to encounter!"

-Red Dwarf, "White Hole"
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