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Mon, 26 Apr 1999 19:02:21 -0700

> It just doesn't make sense for me. She seems way TOO young and
> innocent to tackle any diplomatic affairs. Of her being a public
> figure or a representative of the colony, I could not believe how
> anyone could have taken her seriously. What happened to other high
> rank officials? (and I know they didn't all die..) Why did they give
> over such important responsiblity to this little girl? It's
> not enough for me to accept her just because she is one of the
> Peacecrafts.

It's called world wide manipulation. World wide manipulation on a level
that we can not even imagine. Or can we?

When the puppet masters pull the strings (ie the OZ, the Rockefeller
Foundation, Master Quinze, etc. etc.) the puppet react the they way master
intends to. In the case of older, more established leaders, that happened,
as they were too set in their ways...

Except, when the puppet master can not control the puppet, chaos usually
follows close behind. The people in power thought that Relena (partly
because of her age) would fall under, following the puppet masters.
Unfortunately, that's not how it happened...

Part of it is personal character. She's quite stubborn and pigheaded, but
by the same token, she has fortitude and character that makes everyone stand
up and notice... Her actions do command respect, though does it deserve to
is another question in itself.

Of course, she is also affected by the I've fallen in love with the Hero of
the series, who ironically is named Heero, and all crap must happen to her
so that the hero can come to rescue in time. OF course, if that includes
her given the ruler position of the world (a puppet position), then it
happens. It leads to even more chaos, of course...

Yong Choe

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