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> Actually, it DOES transform, but just barely....
> It has a "Feather Re-entry mode, where the front sets of wings interlock
>to form a shield over the entire body and the back sets of wings fold
>forward to become the real wings... it actually looks pretty cool in this
>mode, like a MS wrapped in a shroud of some kind. Not really a vehicle
>transformation though.

        Ah, yes, the featherball look. how did katoki redesign the
early versions of his in respect to this baby?

> The 1/144 beats in the 1/100 in a couple of regards, not to mention the
>additional fighting-action parts! Of course, the 1/100 is easier to modify
>and bigger, but dang, that backpack is HEAVY!
> -Probe

        Hmmmm, terms of kit bashing, I want to add more wings,
actually...any ideas on where to put it, Probe?

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