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> The same person who choreographed Jet Li's movies in HK and China is the
> same person who choreographed Matrix's fight scenes. So if you seriously
> don't like Matrix because of it's technical finesse, unique finally
> stablized sci fi storyline, entertaining fight scenes, mediocre
> destiny/fate exaggeration, then don't complain about it. I don't know
> about you guys, but I knew the movie was going to be like that. The main
> reason of WHY people went to see the darn movie is because everybody wanted
> to know what the Matrix really was. The trailer only appeared in theatres
> 3 to 4 months before the release, and most people were wondering what the
> heck the Matrix was. Remember, we all know what will probably happen in
> the end; there are less than 5 possibilities to think of after you watch
> the first 5 to 15 minutes of it. The huge question is HOW the characters
> do it. It's entertainment, get used to it.

Exactly. It's like listening to a blues album. Are you going to complain
because it's not "original" or you *knew* they were going to play in the key
of E or use a pentatonic scale? Come on, much of what makes a good movie
good is the *how* they get the story across. Who *didn't* think Keanu would
be the hero and "save" the world? I knew the movie would be hip cool cyber
story. But, could they hopefully, finally do it right? I mean, no shitty
"Johnny Mnemonic", no scratch the surface "Lawnmower Man", but actually get
a movie made that a Gibson/Williams fan could rave about? About fucking


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