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Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:37:13 -0700

At least
>we agree that the talking Neo back to life part was stupid.

I kinda thought of it being somewhat stupid, but I have to say that it was
"written" destiny/fate so no matter what he can't die. You can probably
blow him up or something but he'll probably find some way back to the
living. All the events have already been written and the Oracle as said
before can only imply things to him; show him the path and not tell him the
path. So the added monologue from Trinity was just to dramatize the event;
she really didn't talk him back to life...c'mon when you're dead you can't
hear anything at all anymore. We all know that, but the thing is that Neo
realized you can say at that moment that he is really the one and basically
he can defeat the Matrix's programming so that he can live again.
Basically he just thought "I didn't get actually by bullets, I just THOUGHT
I got hit by bullets". That's the reason why he got up and how he could do
all that other wacky stuff after his reincarnation if you will.

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